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My Story....

 I started the business because I have a passion to help and inspire others. Being born with a disability, I had many people in my life to help me. I wanted to give back to others. " Physical deformity is no hindrance to success and happiness" I say in my book Wrestling In The Spirit, it's a story about a boy growing up with insecurities and low self-esteem but eventually found self-worth and contentment once he became a believer of Jesus Christ.

The book tells about the insecurities of a boy who has deformed and short arms. This deformity made him feel like a lesser person. He doubted himself and he doubted God. He blames God for his physical flaws. His insecurities pulled him down and met so many obstacles in life. Eventually, as he was struggling with circumstances, he had no one to turn to but God. It was God who was there during his lowest point in his life, and eventually, he became a believer of Jesus Christ.

Later, he built self-confidence and joined the high school wrestling team to boost his confidence. There, he taught about everything positive. He taught about love, self- love, self-worth, self-confidence and belongingness.

A good read for people who are struggling with insecurities in life. My experience is coaching others and speaking to others to mentor them. I inspire and encourage others to go for their goals and dream. A support and coaching system put in place to achieve and thrive in your goals and dreams.

Welcome to my website and my journey...Elijah Jr.

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